Why Public Speaking Should Be Part of Your Business Growth Strategy

Why Speaking MUST Be Part of Your Growth Strategy

Whether you’re starting as an entrepreneur or growing your business from six to seven figures, your growth strategy needs one simple boon.

It’s not late-night, endless strategy sessions, hiring a personal coach, or committing to x-number of professional courses or personal development books in a year.

Hands down, growing your speaker brand is the best decision you can make for your business to ensure you’re 1) building your presence in your chosen market and 2) getting in front of as many of the right people as possible.

There are four main reasons why speaking should be part of your growth strategy: Visibility, credibility, profitability, and impact. All four results serve to grow your business by enhancing the know-like-trust factor you have with your audience – AKA your prospective clients and customers.


Fact: Public speaking and public relations (PR) are the fastest ways to build credibility and visibility with your target market. 

Traditional marketing, advertising, social media, you name it – these methods all fall short of the direct results that speaking and PR brings to the table. A 2014 study by Nielsen revealed that PR is 90% more effective in the customer experience than advertising. 

Your speaker presence meets your prospective buyers, clients, and customers where they expect to see you: in the podcasts, workshops, and video content they’re consuming already. They have found the avenues through which they get their needs met; you are simply showing up.

Another worthwhile asset to growing your speaking practice is that enhancing your ability to communicate efficiently and effectively makes you better in every aspect of your life and your business. Relationships, parenting, working with colleagues and team, and serving clients benefit from you learning how to deliver your message and listen keenly to your audience’s needs.

The best communicators end up with more (and better) opportunities. In other words, as a leader growing your speaker brand, you’re making your luck. Communication isn’t a soft skill; it’s a necessity.


It’s one thing when we say great things about ourselves or when we pay to have the great things we say about ourselves seen by others. That’s called advertising. 

But when other people start saying great things about us – without us asking or paying for it – THAT’S an entirely different story.

It’s the beauty of PR and speaking. Not only are you delivering your message to a warm audience, but you’re also instantly growing your credibility by building your social proof. That’s the tendency of folks to mirror or adopt the beliefs of others. For example, when you show up as a guest on a podcast, you’re building a positive image of yourself in the listeners’ minds because the podcast host has trusted you to come on their show and speak to their audience.

When speaking, we also communicate our powerful message in ways that connect on a deeper level with our audiences while exposing us to new audiences. No longer are people simply reading our words off a page or catching a glimpse of our brand while scrolling through social media. They’re not relying on our website or written content to get to know us. 

When we speak, our audience is watching our energy. They’re feeling our passions come through with our hand gestures, our facial expressions, our tone of voice, and our confident stance. They know us more quickly and authentically because they can feel our personalities.

As consumers, feeling like we know someone is a huge piece of the know-like-trust puzzle, and as business owners, it’s a win-win in terms of return on investment. When you have a public speaking brand, you become the go-to trusted person in your industry, sending your trust and credibility through the roof.


When we get visible, credible, and present in front of new people through public speaking, our profitability scales. People begin talking about us because we are stepping out in front as a speaker and a leader. This has three measurable benefits, including

  1. We can start charging more for our services.
  2. We can get more people into our programs.
  3. We can get more butts in seats.
  4. We can charge more for our keynotes or VIP sessions.

With increased prices commensurate with our market value, experience, and knowledge, a ‘magical’ thing happens: revenue increases.

One myth that we in The Whitter Group frequently hear is that people think keynotes and speaker fees are the only ways to generate revenue through speaking.

ABSOLUTELY NOT. There are infinite possibilities for revenue growth including podcasting, workshops with corporations or small businesses, selling from the stage, leveraging your book sales, retreats, guest speaking for smaller events…the list is endless, and it stretches far beyond the one-time check for $25k that you think you need.

We recently secured a ‘perfect-fit’ speaking opportunity for one of our clients. She was skeptical when we coached her to forego the $8k keynote fee completely – with the caveat that the venue would welcome her to talk about what she does (using the language we’d created together) during the last five minutes of her talk. (We call this “selling from the stage,” and it’s a skill we teach in our STAR Speaking Program.) She ended up walking away with several new clients, resulting in just shy of $16,000 in new business signed directly as a result of that engagement. She was also featured in market publications and grew her visibility. She has recently added on an additional $21k in PROFIT as a direct result of that speaking opportunity.

Had she limited herself to only accepting engagements that pay a speaking fee, she would not have built the new business and started a new vibe and buzz in her market.

Here’s the takeaway: your potential for revenue is not limited to your time on stage. 


When you get visible, credible, and profitable, you also grow your business and, therefore, your impact. If you’re starting a new project, growing your business, or looking for new ways to grow your audience and build your prospects, there’s always a reason you wanted to do that in the first place. That vision will grow as a result of your expanded reach. 

Do more good. Build your audience. Watch your revenue climb.

Get it all by showing up as your authentic, innovative, and brilliant self and saying what you mean for the world to hear and know.

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