Launching Your Product, Book, or Brand with One Powerful Tool: Your E-mail Subscriber List

You have an idea worth sharing. We know it. So don’t miss out on a launch day filled with celebration because you missed this one key step!

Let’s head into the top three benefits of building your e-mail list in preparation for launching that big idea into the freakin’ stratosphere.

When Erin Thomas published her children’s book, Anything But Ordinary, she began with a plan. How will I engage my audience–the parents, caregivers, and teachers of prospective readers–before the book hits shelves? She then began a mission to gather these folks and encourage them to become supporters of the character, story, and brand. When launch day came, Erin had a list of folks who would be more than cheerleaders: She had created an open line of communication with people who wanted and were anxiously anticipating the arrival of what was to come.

Building your e-mail subscriber list serves the very same purpose. When you start with a well-established strategy, working backward from your end goal, you can create action steps for yourself and your team to build anticipation for your product, book, or brand launch.

So why focus on e-mails, when it’s faster and easier to create a social media campaign or dish out a couple of blog posts?

Reason #1 to Focus on E-Mail List Building: Conversion Rates

E-mail conversion rates are real. When you’ve established a direct line of contact with your subscribers, you’ve already personalized your marketing messages, ensuring your content aligns with their wants and needs. This personalization feels good, and when people feel good, they buy.

And when your brand focuses on providing value through your e-mail list, that loyalty and relationship-building is even stronger.

Reason #2 to Focus on E-Mail List Building: Warm (and fuzzy) Leads

One of the reasons we love setting up our clients on podcast guest appearances is the built-in audience factor. A podcast listener base is primed to hear what a guest has to say, because they were already looking for it. 

When you focus on building your e-mail list by providing value, insights, and tips (without giving away your whole bank of content!), you attract subscribers who are attuned with both your brand and your offerings.

Every time someone shares their e-mail address with you, they expect an equal exchange of energy. And when that exchange meets their expectations, count on them to continue investing in the relationship you’ve built together. 

Reason #3 to Focus on E-Mail List Building: You Own It

Whether Zuckerberg realigns the Meta algorithm to amplify only people who wear star-shaped sunglasses or Elon Musk renames his social media platform yet again (alas, you’ll always be Twitter to us), your e-mail list belongs to YOU. It’s your asset to control and use. As long as you follow current global e-mail guidelines, that list can never be removed from your possession unless you choose to do so.

Owning your own list also means that you can segment, tag, and test messaging with your list in a way that makes the most sense for you and your marketing and messaging efforts. When you’re launching a new product, this capability is key.

Get consistent and make it happen!

We’ll continue to share the benefits of consistency until we’re blue in the face! When you plan your work and work your plan based on your targeted outcomes, you’ll be unstoppable.

The Whitter Group is here to help create and execute that plan alongside you! Our newest program, The Standing Ovation Society, is designed to help you stay connected and accountable to your PR, speaking, and messaging goals. Learn more–and get on the list–right here!

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