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We’re Erin and Whit. Welcome to the Whitter Group and the STAR Speaker Experience.

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Time is your most valuable resource. Let’s not waste it.

We’ve designed this page with one person in mind: YOU. Our goal is to answer your most asked questions, to give you a solid glimpse of all the ways we can work together, and yes- we’re even here to talk numbers! This way, we can spend our call relaxed, vibrating high and talking about the next steps.

Ways to Work Together

STAR Speaker Experience

In just 30 days, the most comprehensive speaker program on the market. Messaging + Speaker Assets + Proven Strategy = Visible, Credible and Profitable speaker brand. Investment starting at $12k.

Monthly PR and Fractional PR Services

Affordable options for new and established speakers looking to increase their credibility and visibility through monthly podcast and speaking opportunity pitching, press release distribution, pitch and press release creation and social media management. Investment starting at $2k/mo.

VIP Messaging Days

Whether you’re looking for in-depth support with your messaging, your strategy, your content creation- or all three- there’s not a more efficient, impactful way than this 2:1 approach. Investment starting at $3k.

Monthly Messaging Copywriting and Strategy

Monthly Messaging Copywriting and Strategy: Whether you don’t enjoy creating your content month in and month out, aren’t good at it or simply don’t have the time, we provide full, done-for-you support, including blogs, articles, emails and social media management. Investment starting at $2500/mo.

Website Creation and Elevation

Whether building from scratch or revamping what’s already there, we provide copy and content creation, as well as web design and build to ensure your website aligns with all the magic you’re making in your business right now. Investment starting at $4k.

Brand Foundation Development

Your business is only as solid as the foundation upon which it’s built. Ideal for both new and rebranding businesses, we partner with you to create your Professional Style Guide (brand identity: colors, fonts, logo) and your Professional Brand Foundation (buyer personas, mission/vision, key messaging, core values, etc.) $5k investment.


SO many things! You won’t find a more comprehensive speaker program on the market. Here are a few of our differentiators:

– We are TWO experts, not just one, supporting you every step of the way.

– We pitch you in live time to ensure that what we’re creating is actually working- and fine tune it as we go.

– We tackle both sides of the coin: messaging AND strategy.

– Together, we are helping you create ALL of your assets so that you are armed with EVERYTHING you need to grow your speaker brand.

– We have packed all of this value into just 30 days because we know that time is your most valuable resource.

Our clients experience AH-MAZING results from our powerful work together when they’re willing to give it all they’ve got. When you’re ready for maximum visibility, credibility and profitability, we’re two industry leaders under one roof excited to help you make it happen. Your results will be directly tied to what you put into our partnership.
We don’t believe in creating messaging in a vacuum. We are committed to ensuring that what we’re creating works. By pitching you throughout the STAR Speaker Experience, we’re able to get quick feedback and tweak whenever we need to BEFORE the end of our time together.
Short answer: We created the program to ensure that doesn’t happen because we’ve both been part of those crummy situations in the past! Not only are we pitching you in live time throughout your Experience to ensure that what we’re creating is actually working, but we’re providing you with all the blueprints, templates and worksheets along the way, ensuring that you’re learning all the ins and outs as we go!
Both! We are committed to helping our clients share their stories, both spoken and written. Business and brand growth are all about sharing the right message with the right audience on the right platforms- consistently. This is why we offer both strategy and content creation support in the form of the monthly PR and messaging, website and bio elevations, and of course, our signature STAR Speaker Experience
Absolutely. Since we will be pitching you for both podcasts and speaking opportunities, we guarantee that you will get, at minimum, one televised interview and multiple podcast guest spots. However, the real magic happens in the months following your work with us once you’ve got your powerful messaging, all your Speaker Tool Box assets, and the momentum to go the distance with the proven STAR strategy.

Your ROI will be determined…

What we do is ensure that we get you in front of the right audiences with the right message. We align you with opportunities and the strategy to start making money.

Our price ranges are listed above with our services. Payment-in-full is always an option, and we are happy to offer monthly payment plans for our STAR Speaker Experience and VIP Days for those who prefer. We use ACH/bank transfers for these services, as well as all monthly retainers. Smaller payments can be made via credit card.
This is totally up to you and will depend on your individual bandwidth to add this layer of commitment at this moment in time. We work regularly with clients who are already working with other coaches and programs. All of our services are designed to be as efficient and effective as possible, taking as little of your time as possible to still ensure maximum results.
Speaker brands don’t happen by accident. They are built with consistent hard work like any other business and should be treated as such. If you aren’t able to commit to launching and growing your speaker brand right now, perhaps it’s not a top priority and should be revisited at a later time, at which point we’ll be here to support you!

We both determine we’re a perfect match. What’s next?

The best next step is for us to determine your start date, then secure your spot with a deposit. We’ll take your deposit and schedule your Launch Call right over the phone, keeping it super simple for you. That means we can jump right in and get you moving toward the Speaker Brand you’ve been envisioning, in just 30 days.

More questions about the STAR Speaker Experience

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