How Discovering Your “Why” Helps You Craft Better Copy

The Not-So-Secret Word That Transforms Your Messaging

You’re a high-earning professional with years of experience under your belt. Your toolbox is full of ways to engage and network with like-minded people, make connections beyond the boundaries of your industry and challenge the status quo everywhere you go.


Are you sharing all of that with your loyal audience? 

And more importantly…

Are you sharing it in a way that speaks to the most compelling, most powerful, most moving pieces of what you do and who you are?

If your answer included a shoulder shrug, listen up:

There’s one word that can transform informational, clear copy and messages into earth-shattering, life-changing, emotionally charged responses.

That’s the power of WHY.

We think asking “why”–in three different ways–will help you get into the heart of your message and help you tune in to the legacy and lasting impact you wish to create with your brand.

Preparing to Write, Level 1: Why am I doing this work?

Long before you put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, or voice to Voxxer, you’ve got to know why you do what you do.

This far into your career, you may have drifted away from the I-could-set-a-fire-with-this-ambition mojo you had twenty years ago.

Now? It’s a great idea to spend some time in reflection or get in touch with peers who can listen as you process talking through your fresh perspective. 

If you’re seeking to elevate your personal brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level to get that next big thing into the world, this question is crucial.

Try these mantras on for size. Feel into them. Notice whether you feel light, heavy, excited, or even filled with dread. Trust your intuition!

I’m here to establish authority in my field.

I’m here to inspire others with my journey.

I’m here to offer valuable insights for people to grow.

I’m here to heal the world.

I’m here to empower people to make informed decisions.

I’m here to demystify the complex concepts of my industry.

I’m here to create something HUGE.

I’m here to build a loyal fanbase.

I’m here to learn and grow.

(Anything come to mind? We’d love to hear about it; be sure to drop a comment on LinkedIn with your inspiration!)

Preparing to Write, Level 2: Why am I writing this piece?

Asking why you’re writing the blog/email/biography/web copy in front of you helps you pinpoint the precise message, emotion, or action you want to convey to your audience.

Imagine you’re a lawyer with a passion for advocating for social justice. Your personal “why” might be crystal clear; now, how can you imbue that into a blog post, say, about a pressing legal issue in your community?

Do you hope to build an e-mail list? Direct social media traffic to your website to learn more about a specific topic? Compel folks to take action or make a change in their lives?

Each of these questions will help you inform your CTA, or Call to Action, which should be the first line of copy you write! 

Tapping into this second level of “why” ensures your messaging aligns with your purpose. 

It keeps your content focused, relevant, and resonant with your audience.

Preparing to Write, Level 3: What Do You Want Your Audience to Feel?

Now that you’ve clarified your personal why and your call to action, you’re ready to dive into the emotional realm, where true brand magic happens. 

As high-earning professionals, your audience is not just seeking information; they’re searching for experiences that resonate with their aspirations, values, and desires.

Consider these emotions and experiences when crafting your brand copy.

Trust: You want your audience to feel a profound sense of trust in your expertise and authenticity. Share openly, share your vulnerabilities, and most importantly, share that WHY. 

Inspiration: Let your story serve as a beacon of hope and motivation for others striving for success.

Connection: Ask questions and share value, encourage dialogue, and interact with your audience. Connection is about shared value, not desperation.

Storytelling: Your website, email newsletter, social media posts, media spots, blog posts, or press releases aren’t the place to drone on and on about your expertise. Instead? Tell the story of who you are and what you do.

Harness the Power of WHY

Ready to go implement your secret weapon? The Whitter Group can help you share far more than your success story. You know what you want to say; we help you find the words. 

Let your brand story shine with a refresh of your bio or a branding deep-dive! For more insights and opportunities, join our e-mail blast. (We promise to deliver high-impact tips, and zero spam, straight to your inbox each week!)

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