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Fun fact

Whitney and Erin’s friendship goes all the way back to grade school. After following each other on social media for 20 years, they finally reconnected over a mutual love- and shared profession- of storytelling. Having both dedicated their lives, Whitney through the spoken word and Erin through the written one, to helping people embrace the incredible power of language to stand up, speak out and change lives, it was only natural- and powerful- that they join forces.

The values we live by

Unparalleled Integrity

We do what we promise when we say we’re going to do it- and in a big way

Radical Creativity

We THRIVE on bringing fresh perspectives to every partnership and innovative solutions to every challenge

Unbridled Charisma

We create a dynamic, high-vibrational and fun environment for our clients and our team

Fierce Advocacy

We inspire, motivate and empower our clients and our team to reach their highest potential and create maximum impact

Bold Authenticity

We are committed to showing up as ourselves, upholding our highest values and honoring those of our clients and our team every step of the way. We lead with clear, consistent communication, transparent boundaries, and love

Shared Success

We treat our clients- and our team- like family. When we say, ‘We’ve got you,’ we mean it. We win when you win

Meet the Founders

Erin Thomas is a professional writer and messaging strategist who has spent the last two decades working with speakers, business leaders and service professionals around the world to get them visible, credible and profitable using powerfully-aligned messaging and proven strategy.

With her (client-credited) work published in regional, national and global publications, Erin’s passion is helping people harness the incredible power of language to have the impact, influence and income they desire. She loves connecting with individuals launching or growing their speaker brands, as well as folks ready to create bold, scroll-stopping content that not only gets them the results they deserve, but feels good, too.

Erin is also the author of the bestselling children’s book, Anything But Ordinary. A Charleston, SC, native, is enjoying that expat/travel life for the third time in Europe with her husband, daughter, two dogs and two cats that think they own the place. (They're probably right.)

6:2 Projector with Splenic Authority | Enneagram 7 w 8 | ENFP- The Inspirer

Erin Thomas

Whitney McDuff is a "public speaker’s secret weapon." She works with purpose-driven leaders to build visible, credible, and profitable brands through public speaking and PR.

As an award winning PR strategist and bestselling author, Whitney McDuff is regarded as “a public speaker’s secret weapon”. With clients showcased on stages around the world and recognized by TEDx, Good Morning America, Forbes, ABC, NBC, CBS, Marvel, ESPN, Newsweek, USA Today, and The Huffington Post, she guides purpose driven leaders to create measurable- and meaningful- impact through the power of their story.

Whitney is also the author of two bestselling children’s books, The Lollie Tree and Where The Lollies Go. She currently lives in Beaufort, SC, with her husband and two children.

6:2 Generator with Emotional Authority | Enneagram 7 | ENFP- The Inspirer

Whitney McDuff

Meet our Team

Carly Oduardo

Client Experience Director, Lead Writer

Carly Oduardo

Summoning her passion for both people and language, Carly is a genius at finding the exact phrasing that lights up the audience and inspires them to take ACTION. She's also the yin to Erin's yang.

With a Master's degree from the University of Colorado, Carly approaches the process of learning, growth, and self-expression in writing with the same care she held for her students in her former life as an elementary literacy teacher.

She and her husband are homebodies-turned-travelers, raising their two children as global citizens and joyously preparing to move from Colorado to Spain later this year!
Anna Forgach

Anna Forgach

Administrative Director, Media Relations Specialist

Anna Forgach

Anna Forgach is a Buffalo, NY native who has traveled the world over and lived in Germany, Spain, Denmark & Portugal, before landing in Budapest, Hungary.

With a Bachelors in Business Administration, specialized in Marketing, she has built her career working together with agencies to focus on digital marketing, customer success and operations. She thrives wearing many hats, both personally and professionally, and likes to say: ‘Routines may not be my thing, but finding order and a way forward amidst the everyday chaos is!’

Passionate about exploration and seeing the world from different perspectives, when Anna has a rare moment to herself, you’ll either find her on a Pilates machine, in an interior design shop or dreaming up her next big adventure.

Jenny Gallegos

Designer, Social Media Manager

Jenny Gallegos

Jenny is a systems and processes rock star and all about creating order through creative, outside-of-the-box thinking. Her superpower is bringing clarity, detail and organization to everything she does, all with her signature creative flair.

With a background in Design and Marketing, her motto is that rarely is a 'one-size-fits-all' approach the right one. She specializes in seeing each project as an opportunity for unique consideration and personalization. Jenny is passionate about travel, culture and creative endeavors. Building a life- and a career- that allow her to celebrate both personal and professional goals is her North Star.

Originally from Mexico, she currently calls Cologne, Germany home after living for years in Spain. You can find her practicing photography, creating art or devouring a delicious meal.

Taryn Schroeder

Wordsmith Extraordinaire, Lead Editor

Taryn Schroeder

Taryn Schroeder is an experienced writer, storyteller, and facilitator who brings a keen listening for clear messaging and maximized impact.

Clarity is her bread and butter AND her jam. She specializes in helping businesses clarify their message and lean into what’s truly possible when they tell their stories.

She is also a roller skating enthusiast and is working hard to bring a roller skating rink to her Cedar City, Utah community.
lubi-odette-thumb (1)


Podcast Powerhouse

Odette Lubi

Born and raised in Minnesota, Odette has made plenty of interesting choices that have led her to Seattle, New Zealand, and China, and now, Vietnam. She considers herself confident to almost a delusional level, and prides herself on her sense of humor (we agree!). She will never beat the allegations of being a film bro (The Godfather is her favorite movie of all time). Two of her life’s goals: Being successful on her own terms, and owning a pet pig. Odette strives not only to be the best version of herself, but wants every human being she interacts with to be the best version of themselves as well. That means finding ways to help people reach their definition of success, which Odette is proud to be doing as a member of the Whitter Group team.

Felipe Oduardo Sierra

Senior Software Engineer

Felipe Oduardo Sierra

Felipe is a senior-level software engineer with over twenty years of experience in full-stack development and success at all levels and scales of business from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar public corporations.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Felipe believes in internationalization and usability in multiple languages. Felipe aims to remove barriers and ensure that everyone has the web or app presence they want.

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